A new year, a start of something new. That’s what you usually get to hear right? And that’s how it is? Well, according to me I prefer to see it as a new start. Since I really need a fresh new start, I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a tough year. I feel very centered when I think of 2010, and I really didn’t feel centered when I thought of 2009 at this time last year. I was completely terrified to be honest, and I’m not even sure why… 2008 was a good year, 2007 was one of my worst years ever and I’m sooooo glad it’s over now. 2010 gives me hope some way, it might be just the combination of the numbers, that goes better together than 2009, or maybe I really feel like this year is going to actually be better. Maybe things work out for me this year.

I’m certainly not depressed for this new-year-new-start thing at all, I know some of you people out there are. And my question is; why? 2010.. can it get any better than that?

Haha, here I am trying to let my positive side show, not even sure it works. Just wanted to express my thoughts about our new year, our new decade. I’m overwhelmed, thrilled and exited over this, looking forward to new complications and downsides! Or new luck and happiness.

After all, my years have just gotten better and better now, and I just hope it stays that way now, not gonna let anything break me this year. Slightly late with this wish, but; Happy new year!

sååå kul man kan ha (:


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