Just nu sitter jag i min ensamhet och lyssnar på musik och seriöst tänker, och en sak tänkte jag på att göra då.
Skriva vad jag tänker, vore inte det kul? hah, hur som helst kommer jag skriva lite nu, och jag kommer göra det ¨på engelska. Just because.

Why do I always think that things should be so complicated? It's like im used to be around complicated stuff, that nothings goes the way I want and when it does, it feels weird and..wrong.
It seems to everyone else that I have problems with letting people in, but it's because' im so afraid, im afraid that it will turn out to be as I thought in the start. With just simple words, Im afraid that things will be too good too be true.
I don't want it to be this way, really really not, and it's actually really hard having this "problem" cause' as I said I have problems with letting people in. I wish I could just wake up one day and see thats it's not dangerous, its okay.
But this time, i'll try to dont care about what my inner feelings says, and just lissten too my heart.
And hope I dont do the wrong thing.


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