One day, you were an obvious part of my life, and I hope im as obvious in your life as you are in mine.

Whenever I talk to you, I always get so happy, doesn't matter what we're talking about, you can always make me smile, (just so you know, this is very hard.. can't find the right words) you make me feel important, and I love every conversation we ever had, just because it was with you.

I hope that we can stay in touch for a long time, and then maybe meet someday, cause' your fucking amazing.

(lite personligare än jag brukar vara här, skitsamma, ni som inte vet vem det är till eller varför jag skriver på engelska, bry er inte) 

Postat av: Aaron

Speachless, the nicest thing anyones ever said about me...

2009-08-17 @ 01:00:03
Postat av: Anonym

HAHAHAHA,.....hatar Aaron fortfarande

2009-08-22 @ 22:19:53

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